DEA Compliance

A DEA Compliant Solution for Your Business

Unlike the competition, with Riemer Systems Portable Electronic Control Boxes [P.E.C.B.] your medications are secured from the pharmacy to the facility, to the patient, and not just at the point of dispensing. Riemer Systems’ PECB. is the best solution on the market to guarantee your medications are always secure, at only a fraction of the cost of existing options in the industry (expensive automated drug delivery systems). This secure system helps you be compliant with the strict guidelines set forth by the pharmaceutical industry by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Riemer Systems’ new Portable Electronic Control Boxes [PECB.] were developed and designed specifically for Long Term Care Pharmacies or facilities when used in conjunction with TS-TEK data collection and materials management Web-Based application, they offer your pharmacy an affordable answer to complying with the standards of practice and federal regulations for nursing facilities set forth by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Control Substance Act of 1970.

Why choose this solution:

  • Compliance: With DEA Regulations (80% reduction in 106-B filings), CSA Guidelines, & HIPPA Laws.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Avoid Unnecessary fines for noncompliance at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems on the market.
  • Scalability: Low initial cost that is scalable to your budget. Simply start with one and scale as needed.
  • Simple to Use: Independent solution without the need to interface with your current pharmacy management software.
  • Smart: Capture DEA compliant data, generate reports, and track inventory from pharmacy to patient.
  • Secure: Prevent diversion of narcotics by leveraging our hardware and software thus keeping medication secure at every step.

Purchasing options:

Riemer Systems offers two purchasing options: (1)  Purchase the number of PECB boxes you require and Web-Based Software, or (2) Contact us to discuss our new leasing option eliminating difficult to achieve capital funding requests!

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