Medication Management Products

Riemer Systems offers a full line of keyless medication lock box solutions to meet your needs. Our product portfolio includes both portable and/or surface mounted lock boxes as well as wall mounted lock boxes.

All of our products come standard with a keyless lock and safety backup key override lock. This can be a huge time saver by eliminating wasted time searching for lost keys.

All our lock boxes come standard with a clear access door so you know where your secured medications and equipment are at the time of need. Other access doors available as well:  White when privacy is required, Frosted to meet HIPPA requirements by protecting patient information and Simulated Wood Grain provides a “Homey” look for long-term care.

All of our products come standard with the CompX Regulator keyless lock and come in 3 lock options depending on your need – 1. Manual/Shared Use Lock (shared use is like a hotel safe for multiple user’s using their own personal code). 2. Self-Locking Lock (automatically locks when the door is closed). 3. Audit Trail Lock (track up to 20 different users with a time and date stamp). If your needs change you can change out the lock without purchasing a new lock box.

Small Wall Mounted Locking Cabinet v2

Clear Door for Easy Viewing

Frosted Door for HIPAA Compliance

White Door for Privacy

Wood Grain Door for a “Homey” Feel

Medication Management Products

Portable Control Boxes

Wall Mounted Locking Cabinets

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